About Us

Since 1989, The Right Source has been transforming institutions, organizations, classrooms, and individuals by providing innovative, creative, and customized training focused on a variety of subject areas and topics.  At The Right Source, we use training as a tool to help individuals, organizations and businesses grow by creating learning environments, which are safe, motivating and inspiring.

The Right Source's signature is listening and connecting.  We listen intently to our clients in the pre-training design process to determine training needs.  As we engage in the design process, we focus on creating a transformative training experience that will connect with the training participants.

The Right Source is based in Chicago and serves clients both nationally and internationally.  Our clients are diverse and include leaders in the education, government, non-profit, religious, and corporate fields.

Our goal is client satisfaction.  We want our participants to say, "That was the best training ever...when is the next one?"

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